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Painting Tips

Varnish Versus Paint

The working of paint and varnish is almost similar. But still there is a difference in both of them. Often, they are both used differently according to the things you want to cover or protect by them. Both can do their work well if they are used properly. Varnish and wood stains are very useful to penetrate the wood. Both of them bring and enhance the natural beauty or look of the wood. They also protect the wood from the harm from water, dirt and sunlight. Several applications of stains and vanishes are required according to the type of the wood. We use them according to the type and condition of wood. For the application of varnish and stain you have to soak the wood in the varnish and oil within it. After completion this process, you can easily see the natural look or beauty of the wood. In this process the color of the varnish or stain will change and you will get a glossy finish from it. On the other side, paint is used to provide a covering coat to the wood. It masks the natural look of the wood grain. You can make the wood beautiful by applying colors of your choice on it. Generally, two and more coats are used to paint the wood, and often tree to five coats on the old type of wood, if required. The only disadvantage of this is that you will lose the natural beauty of the wood by applying paint colors on the wood. If you will apply a coat of primer on the wood before applying paint on it, than you have to do fewer efforts to get it repaint than refinishing it, with varnish or stain. It depends on you that which option you choose for your woodwork at your home. It depends on your desires. Varnish and paint both provide protection to the wood. But some of the paints provide extra protection to the wood from abuses. For example: to protect the wood from the crayon marks some special type of paints are available in the market. You will definitely prefer this type of paint for the desk and chair of your child’s room. Varnish remains the look of the wood as it is, so you can use it on the furniture pieces for which you want a natural look of wood. Before making the choice between the varnish and the paint, you have to think about the look you want for the furniture surrounding you in your home. You can use the above information for making a choice for it. Whatever choice you made, it depends up on you, but you have to take care while choosing the brushes for paint or varnish. You shouldn’t purchase cheap quality brushes for it. It will provide a rough look to your work. You have to give your much time to find the perfect paint, varnish or stain also.

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Sponge Painting Walls

You have to choose something different for your home while you are planning for painting your home. You cannot apply one standard color of paint on the walls for a longer time span. You can apply sponge technique on it. You can paint the walls with decorative painting techniques. Sponge painting is one of decorative painting techniques. It is very easy to apply. It is the technique in which second color is dabbed up on the first plain color. It gives a different textured affect. It is mostly used in clubs and restaurants, but you can apply it in your home also, to get a different affect from it. Firstly, you have to choose the paint colors. You have to choose two compliment colors for this technique. You can also select two contrasting colors for this technique like one dark and one light color. After choosing the complimentary or contrasting colors you have to decide or choose that which color should be the base color and which color should be the accentuating color. In this type of painting you can apply darker colors, which you normally avoid to use. You can reduce the darkness of the dark color by sponge painting with lighter color. You can use dark color as a bottom color or as an accentuating color; both will give you different effect. To create a subtle effect in the rooms of your home, you have to choose equally light or equally dark colors. There should be difference of one or two shades in the colors. For a unique look, you can purchase some special type of paints which are available in the market like you can use a metallic paint as the accentuating color. Normally, there is the requirement of two paint colors for the sponge painting but you can apply several accent colors on a base color. You have to choose the different colors very carefully. It is a very difficult task to choose the paint colors for sponge painting. Because you cannot visualize the actual affect which you want after applying these colors. It will definitely provide a great look. Before applying it on the whole of the room, you can test it on the one spot to get desired results from it. You can get some idea from doing this. If you are successful in choosing the colors for the painting, it will easy for you to start painting. You will require a sponge for the painting work. You can use natural sponge or a normal kitchen sponge for the painting. You can test the sponge painting on a piece of paper before starting it on the walls. It will give you the ideas to get good ideas of different types of patterns for getting good results. By doing this you can easily find out that what is best for the rooms of your home. After making all the arrangements, you can start your painting work. Firstly, you have to apply the solid base color ...

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When to Repaint the Base Coat of Your Home

We all don’t know all the basic things of the interior decoration. We some sometimes ignore some important basic things related to interior and maintenance of our homes. We sometimes ignore the peeling paint on the walls. So there is a great need to focus on those areas which required repainting for them. You can change the look of a dull room by repainting it. It will increase the beauty of the room. If the color of the painted walls is fainting and paint is peeling then that is the requirement of time that you have to repaint the basecoat of your home. If there is nothing like that then you can repaint your home after 5 to 10 years. The quality of the paint you have used for your home has a great importance. Because the good quality paint will last for a longer time and on the other side low quality paint won’t last for a longer time and you have to repaint your home after some time. If you feel that there is a need to repaint your home then you can easily do it by following some easy tips: You can remove the heavy peeling of the paint from the walls with the help of putty knives with different widths or you can use the sandpaper also for this purpose. After removing the peeling of paint, you will get a smooth surface. You should clean the dirt and with the help of a dirt cleaner and a mildew. Because before painting it is necessary to clean the environment for the painting. You should have to apply water based primer before repainting your basecoat. You have to take care that before you start painting, the primer should be dry. Once the primer is dried, then you can start painting work with high quality paint material and paint brushes. If you don’t know about the quality and type of the paints and primers etc. then you can enquire about this from the paint store near your home. Weather conditions sometimes become problem in the painting work so you should do the paint work during spring season. It is the mildest season and best for the painting work. Some areas have mild season during the whole year, so they can repaint there house at any time during the year. You have to take some safety measures while doing this work of repainting. You need only an ordinary step ladder for the painting work, if you have a single story home. But, if you have the two or three story home then you will require an extension ladder. You have to choose a stable ladder for this purpose, because unstable ladders can give harm to you. You have to wear the mask while applying primer and paints on the walls. This will save you from any kind of allergy. The task of repainting seems very time consuming and tough, but you can complete it earlier and smoothly by following some ...

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How to Use Primer

We use primer on the new walls or on the newly patched holes, as a sealant. It prevents them from the moisture. It provides an even finish to the final coat of the paint. There are different types of primer available in the market. Commonly, we use water based latex and oil based primers. Some primers are also available in alcohol base that work much better. There are few tips for using the primer for your house: You should use primer while painting the exterior portion or the interior portion of your house. It will provide the uniformity in the appearance of upper coat of the paint, and will long last the color. It will make the surface as easy to maintain. If the surface, where you want to paint, is already clean then there is no need to apply primer, before applying paint. You can apply the paint coat directly on that surface. You need to use primer before paint, if the surface is not smooth. The application of the primer on the surface, before applying paint on it, will give smooth finish to the wall. Primer should be most importantly used in bathrooms and kitchens because it can prevent the walls of bathroom and kitchen from moisture. It will provide prevention of mildew also. Mildew makes the appearance of the paint, spotty and fuzzy. It makes the appearance of bathroom and kitchen ugly. Before painting it is necessary to remove the mildew completely, because if you will not remove it completely before painting, it will reappear itself on the same surface again and will make its appearance ugly again. You should apply the primer compulsorily on the places which are highly used during daily routine because it can prevent the area from early wear and tear. The upper coat of the paint will be free from dirt and grease if you apply primer before painting. The paint color will hold up better if you apply it on well primed wall. You want a latex finish coat or an-oil based finish, it depends on you. You can use oil-based paint for both. You should take care while painting. You cannot apply a latex primer for an oil-based upper coat. Constant change of temperature affects the interior walls. Latex paint is flexible in nature, while oil based paint is inflexible in nature. If the temperature is extreme enough, it will cause the cracks in the upper coat of the oil-based paint. That is the reason that oil-based paint and primers are generally used for the exterior in the home like to paint the nails etc. For painting the metals you can apply rust-inhibiting primer on them before painting. It will definitely provide them long life. You should take proper care while using the primer. There should be proper ventilation on that place where you are using primer. You can blow the fans also for proper ventilation. For the application of primer on the walls you require the things like: primer, ...

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